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20 Tips for Organizing Your Conference Venue

One of the most difficult tasks when it comes to a conference is the Event Centre or Venue where the conference is being held. There are times where a very good conference is spoiled because the conference venue and the arrangements were not done properly.

Here are 20 PRO tips which would help the next time you want to choose your next conference.

1. Location: Ensure that you pick a location that is accessible through all means of transport which would accommodate the count of participants expected for the same.

2. Date: Start spreading the word about the conference beforehand so that those who are likely to attend would ensure to mark their dates. It would be appropriate to fix the same during holidays or weekends so that many participate.

3. Budget: First start working on the cost factor, based on which all other things fall in place. This will help in allocating budget for each and spend wisely.

4. Media: If you’re going to advertise or ensure that press release is done post the same, communicate that and get it done. Also, if any extra entertainment factors required, the same has to be handled.

5. Room arrangement: Next how do you want the room to be arranged, whether you need a stage separately for the speakers, etc must be thought of and accordingly the same should be arranged.

6. Syndicate room: If the team requires a syndicate room, the same must be allotted near the conference place.

7. Catering: Depending on the time, the catering has to be handled. If you don’t want to spend on catering; it is better to stick with a high tea session else a dinner or lunch would serve the purpose if at all the event is sponsored.

8. Stay: If there are speakers from outside the country or a place not within reach, it is advisable to check and get their stay fixed in a nearby hotel room.

9. Safety: When a conference is held, it is important to check for fire exits and safety measure if things go wrong.

10. Visit before the event: It is always important to check the place before fixing the hall, and once done and finally before the main event and after decorations, arrangements, etc so that the place is as one wanted to be.

11. Enhancement: Interactions with the participants are better in any conference. So, arrange for quiz or games that would help on this.

12. Giveaways: Ensure to distribute giveaways that swirl around the conference theme overall. Right from pamphlets, bags, etc.

13. Travel arrangements: If your speakers are coming from elsewhere, it is important to arrange for their travel and ensure that they come on time, refresh and join the conference.

14. Confirm: Once it is finalized, ensure to confirm the status of all the appointments beforehand. This would reduce the last-minute hassles.

15. Right people: Ensure to meet the right set of people, for example the managers and executives who will help with details of requirements at the right time.

16. Detail the plan: Manage your time, plan ahead with other duties inline and set resources for each work. Estimate the time and resources, which includes people and money to accomplish a task.

17. Work delegation: Ensure to give the right work to the right person who will do it will the spirit of a winner.

18. Staffs required: The count of staffs, registrations, etc. must be handled.

19. Finalize: Ensure to pay and settle things before the final moment which would slash the last- minute tensions.

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